Kit Walker


Arrival date: April (2013)
Age: 30

Birthdate: 03/20/44

OOC Information
Canon: American Horror Story
Journal: Den Okända Faran
Player: Karra
Contact: PM
New Dodge At A Glance
Family: Alma Walker (wife, deceased), Grace Bertrand (wife, deceased), Thomas Walker (son), Julia Walker (daughter), Lana Winters, Judy Martin
Acquaintences: Hal Yorke, Seven of Nine, Madrilene Sorrin, Marty Faraday, Boyd Crowder, Charlotte Blaine, Kate Cordello , Doc Holliday , EMH , Ronald Sandoval
Apartment: 117
Occupation: Saloon Manager, Town Council

Business Accounting

Cooking - Beginner

...alien abduction?


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