The APS has created a system for cataloguing universes: each universe they encounter is given a designating series of numbers and letters. Each character should know their Universe Code (or UC for short).


These can be used in the Hopper, the U-Phone and to place orders at C&P among other things.

Canon CodesEdit

28 Days Later - A-64

Aladdin - A-76

American Horror Story - A-61

Andromeda - A-50

Batman - A-79

......Nolanverse B-79

Boomtown Universe - A-01

Being Human - A-59

Chronicles of Riddick - A-66

Doctor Who - A-57

Dragon Age - A-56

Dollhouse - A-89

Earth: Final Conflict - A-68

Firefly - A-71

Fringe - A-67

......RedVerse B-67

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra - A-70 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - A-86

Grand Theft Auto - A-82

Harry Potter - A-51

Hatoful Boyfriend - A-62

Heroes - A-88

The Hunger Games - A-58

Inception - A-87

Jurassic Park - A-73

Justified - A-65

The Last of Us - A-81

Megamind - A-55

Men In Black - A-78

Once Upon A Time - A-90

(OC) Charlotte Blaine - A-53

(OC) Emily Gage - A-85

(OC) Kate Cordello - A-60

(OC) Madrilene Sorrin - A-69

(OC) Marty Farraday - A - 91

(OC) Old World of Darkness - A-75

.....(OC) nWoD - B-75

Orphan Black - A-81

Practical Magic - A-92

Supernatural - A-77

Star Trek - A-63

.....Mirrorverse - B-63
.....Reboot - C-63

Terminator - A-74

.....Sarah Connor Chronicles - B-74

Tombstone - A-72

Transformers - A-52

.....Tansformers G1 - B-52

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle - A-84

Zombieland - A-83

Game CodesEdit

Beyond the Rift - 02

The Last Voyages - 03

Scorched - 04

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